Webster & Johnson Antique Veterinarian's Fleam Knife Burnt Stag

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Webster & Johnson Antique Veterinarian's Fleam Knife Burnt Stag


Webster & Johnson Antique Veterinarian's Fleam Knife Burnt Stag
Made in Sheffield, England 1850

Some of the nicest genuine well matched dark stag handle scales. Three high carbon steel bleeding fleam blades, three different sizes. Brass liners and back spacer. Fancy steel pivot pin. This unique antique tool was used in the old days specifically for horses. The procedure was done on a major vein in the horse's neck. The three different sizes of blades on a fleam allowed the horseman a choice of scapel for the size of the horse's neck. The fleam was used extensively by horsepeople from the 1830s to the 1930s. Bleeding was deemed valuable because it calmed horses down for a short period of time, thereby leaving the person with the impression he or she did something to help. Very cool and collectible.

Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Genuine Dark Stag
Blade Length: 2-3/4
Closed Length: 3-3/8
Weight: 3 oz


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