Spyderco Squeak Slip Joint Titanium Sprint Run C154TIP

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Spyderco Squeak Slip Joint Titanium Sprint Run C154TIP


Spyderco Squeak Slip Joint Titanium Sprint Run C154TIP
Made in Maniago, Italy

Produced in Maniago, Italy, the Squeak SLIPIT is a Spyderco non-locking one-hand open, clip carry folder called a SLIPIT. It’s designed for legally-restricted carry in locales where locking folders are prohibited.

The blade features a full flat grind and is made from Austrian Bohler-Uddeholm’s premium ELMAX steel. ELMAX boasts high carbon and chromium contents and an extra-fine grain structure that provides extreme edge holding and corrosion resistance. Textured jimping is machined from the blade’s spine and choil for increased slip resistance.

The Squeak’s blade is held in the open position when cutting by a notched-joint at the knife’s pivot. When closing the blade, the notch generates resistance functionally similar to a traditional slip joint pen knife and performs the additional function of smoothing the motion of the blade opening. Increasing control and comfort Spyderco designers add a deep finger choil, naturally jogging the index finger into a position on the underside of the blade directly below the thumb. Positioning the index finger in this choil blocks the blade from accidental closing when cutting and provides a grip position that allows the user to choke-up closer to the cutting edge for greater dexterity.

This limited edition Sprint run of the Squeak elevates its proven design with the addition of premium solid titanium handle scales that are meticulously machined and polished to a handsome satin finish. A reversible wire clip completes the package, allowing convenient left or right-side tip-up carry and making both carry and operation of this unique expression of the Squeak completely ambidextrous. These knives are simply excellent don't miss out on them, Spyderco sprint runs go quick and get expensive fast! New in box.

Blade Material: ELMAX Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Titanium
Blade Length: 2
Closed Length: 3-1/8
Weight: 2.6 oz