Kershaw Firestarter Magnesium Firesteel 1019

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Kershaw Firestarter Magnesium Firesteel 1019


Kershaw Firestarter Magnesium Firesteel 1019

This Kershaw Fire-Starter strikes a spark even in damp conditions. Rain, snow, or whatever Mother Nature can dish out, with this magnesium alloy fire starter, you’ll be able to achieve the spark you need to get your fire going.

The firesteel shaft is good for up to 3,000 strikes and the chrome plated striker is easy to hold and use. A molded plastic handle makes it easy to use and a nylon cord keeps it handy when you need it. To get your fire going, all you’ll need is a small pile of dry grass, wood shavings, or other flammable materials. Hold the magnesium firesteel shaft close to the pile and quickly draw the striker down the shaft at a right angle to produce sparks. The sparks will ignite the dry materials and, as the fire becomes established, you will be able to gradually add larger materials to the fire until it is at the desired size. The Kershaw Fire Starter also lights camp stoves and gas barbeques. In an emergency, the brilliant spark can be used as an emergency signal.

The Fire Starter itself is compact enough to fit comfortably in your driest pocket and, of course, it makes an essential addition to your dry box supplies or survival gear.

Shaft Material: Magnesium Firesteel
Striker Material: Chrome Plated Steel
Handle Material: Molded Plastic
Overall Length: 3-1/8
Weight: 1.1 oz


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