Zero Tolerance ZT Model List

Zero Tolerance ZT Model List

Posted by Jordan Saldana on Dec 4th 2019

This is a comprehensive list of every Zero Tolerance model as of December 1st, 2019. This list was complied by someone other than me and I updated it with some missing models. This should be pretty accurate and includes discontinued models, limited editions, other dealer exclusives, distributor exclusives, and sprint runs.

0010AN (Aluminum, no glass breaker, ZT 10th Anniversary Pen)

0010BLK (Aluminum)

0010EB (Aluminum)

0010TI (Titanium)

0022 (CPM-20CV)

0055 (CPM-S35VN)

0055BLK (CPM-20CV)

0055BRZ (CPM-20CV)

0095 (CPM-S35VN)

0095SIG (CPM-S35VN)

0095AN (CPM-S35VN, Snap-On 95th Anniversary)

0095BW (CPM-S35VN, smooth handle)

0095BW (CPM-S35VN, textured handle)

0095S90BLK (CPM-S90V)


0095TS (CPM-S90V)

0100 (CPM-3V)

0102 (Vanadis 4 Extra)

0121 (CPM-S30V)

0150 (CPM-S30V)

0160 (Sandvik 14C28N)

0170 (Sandvik 14C28N)

0180 (Vanadis 4 Extra)

0200 (154CM)

0200BW (154CM)

0200KW (154CM)

0200KWST (154CM)

0200ST (154CM)

0200SW (154CM)

0205 (154CM)

0220 (CPM-S35VN)

0223 (CPM-20CV)

0230 (CPM-20CV)

0300 (CPM-S30V, Gen 1)

0300 (CPM-S30V, Gen 2)

0300BW (CPM-S30V, Gen 1)

0300BW (CPM-S30V, Gen 2)

0300CE (CPM-S30V)

0300DW (CPM-S30V)

0300ST (CPM-S30V, Gen 1)

0300ST (CPM-S30V, Gen 2)

0300TAD (CPM-S30V)

0300USN (CPM-S30V)

0301 (CPM-S30V, Gen 1)

0301 (CPM-S30V, Gen 2)

0301ST (CPM-S30V, Gen 1)

0301ST (CPM-S30V, Gen 2)

0302 (CPM-S30V)

0303 (CPM-S30V, Gen 1)

0303 (COM-S30V, Gen 2)

0350 (CPM-S30V)

0350BW (CPM-S30V)

0350ST (CPM-S30V)

0350SW (CPM-S30V)

0350TS (CPM-S30V)

0350TSST (CPM-S30V)

0350CB (Elmax/Sandvik 14C28N)

0350CBZDP (CPM-S30V/ZDP-189)

0350CBZDPST (CPM-S30V/ZDP-189)

0350CFM390 (M390)

0350BRN (CPM-S30V)

0350GRN (CPM-S30V)

0350KW (CPM-S30V, BB)

0350KW (CPM-S30V, SW)

0350KWST (CPM-S30V)

0350M390 (M390)

0350OR (CPM-S30V)

0350SWCF (CPM-S30V)

0350WW (CPM-S30V)

0350LPD (CPM-S30V)

0350ZDPCKT (ZDP-189)

0350ZDPCKTST (ZDP-189)

0360.SKD (CPM-S30V)

0360.SKD.MM (CPM-S30V)

0360.SKD P-T (CPM-S30V)

0360TS (CPM-S30V)

0392 (CTS-204P)

0392BWBRZ (CTS-204P)

0392BRNGLD (CTS-204P)

0392BLKGRN (CTS-204P)

0392WC (CTS-204P)

0392PURBLKWC (M390)

0392BLUBOWIE (M390)

0392BLK (CTS-204P)

0392BOWIE (M390)

0393 (CPM-20CV)

0393BRZ (CPM-S35VN)

0393GLCF (CPM-20CV)

0393SW (CPM-S35VN)

0400 (CPM-S30V)

0400ST (CPM-S30V)

0450 (CPM-S35VN)

0450CF (CPM-S35VN)

0450CFZDP (ZDP-189)

0450FCZDP (ZDP-189)

0450FCDAM (Damascus)

0450G10 (CPM-S35VN)

0450SIG (CPM-S35VN)


0452CF (CPM-S35VN)

0452CFBLUBLK (M390)

0452CFM390BLU (M390)

0452G10 (M390)

0452GL (CPM-S35VN)

0452TI (CPM-S35VN)


0452WBW (CPM-S35VN)

0454 (CPM-D2/Sandvik 14C28N)

0454204P (CTS-204P)

0456 (CTS-204P)

0456 (CPM-20CV)

0456CF (CPM 20CV)

0456BW (CPM-20CV)

0456TOUCH (CPM 20CV)

0460 (CPM-S35VN)

0460TI (CPM-20CV)

0462 (CPM-20CV)

0462BLK (CPM-S35VN)

0462TAN (CPM-S35VN)

0470 (CPM-20CV)

0500 (154CM)

0550 (Elmax)

0550 (CPM-S35VN, Gen 1)

0550 (CPM-S35VN, Gen 2)

0550 (CPM-S35VN, Gen 3)

0550BLK (CPM-S35VN)

0550BLK (CPM-S35VN, Gen 3)

0550BW (CPM-S35VN)

0551 (Elmax)

0560 (Elmax)

0560BLK (Elmax)

0560BW (Elmax, Gen 1)

0560BW (Elmax, Gen 2)

0560CBCF (CPM-S110V/Sandvik 14C28N)

0560CBBW (CPM-S110V/Sandvik 14C28N)

0561 (Elmax, Gen 1)

0561 (Elmax, Gen 2)

0562 (Elmax)

0562 (CPM-S35VN)

0562CF (CPM-20CV)

0562CF (M390)

0562CF (CTS-204P)

0562ORBLK (CTS-204P)

0562BLK (CPM-20CV)

0562TI (CPM-20CV)

0562TS (CPM-20CV)

0566 (CPM-S35VN)

0566 (Elmax)

0566BW (CPM-S35VN)

0566BW (Elmax)

0566BWCF (Elmax)

0566CF (Elmax)

0566CF (CPM-S35VN)

0566CFM390 (M390)

0566FDEBW (Elmax)

0600 (CTS-B75P)

0600BLK (CTS-B75P)

0606BLK (CTS-204P)

0606CF (CTS-204P)

0609 (CPM-20CV)

0609BLK (CPM-S35VN)


0610ST (154CM)

0620 (Elmax)

0620CF (M390)

0620CF (CTS-204P)

0630 (CPM-S35VN)

0630CF (M390)


0640 (CPM-20CV)

0650ST (154CM)

0700 (CPM-S30V)

0700BLK (CPM-S30V)

0750 (CPM-S30V)

0770 (Elmax)

0770CF (Elmax)

0770CF (CPM-S35VN)

0770CFM390 (M390)

0770CFM4 (CPM-M4)

0770GRYBW (Elmax)


0777 (Damascus/Vanax 35)

0777-M390 (M390)

0777-M390BLK (M390)

0777-M390BW (M390)

0780 (CPM-S30V)

0801 (Elmax)

0801BLK (Elmax)

0801BRZ (M390)

0801BRWCF (M390)

0801BW (Elmax)

0801BWMM (Elmax)

0801CF (M390)

0801S110V (CPM-S110V)

0801S110VBLK (CPM-S110V)

0801USN (Elmax)

0801FDE (Elmax)

0801TI (CPM-S35VN)

0801TIBLU (M390)

0804CF (CTS-204P)

0804CF (CPM-20CV)

0808 (CPM-S35VN)

0808BLU (CPM-S35VN)

0808GLD (CPM-S35VN)

0808BLK (CPM-S35VN)

0808ML (CPM-S35VN)

0850 (CPM-20CV)

0850CF (CPM-20CV)

0888 (S110V/Sandvik 14C28N)

0888M390 (M390)

0888MAX (Maxamet)

0900 (CPM-S35VN)

0900BLU (CPM-S35VN)

0900GLD (CPM-S35VN)

0909 (CPM-S35VN)

0920 (CPM-20CV)


0920SIG (CPM-20CV)

0920TTS (CPM-20CV)

0999 (CTS-204P/CPM-D2)

JB1 (13C26)

JB1 NSN(13C26)

JB2 (13C26)

ZT-9 (CPM-S30V)