Why Every Woman Should Carry A Knife

Why Every Woman Should Carry A Knife

Posted by LeNeigh Saldana on Apr 21st 2021

Here’s the thing, in the world that we are living in today, women are more independent than ever before. Many of us, myself included, work outside of the home. In a day and age where our independence is supported and our confidence is growing, it just makes sense for us to be comfortable using and carrying a knife.

Wow. Did she just say knife? You bet I did. Now, for some of you, the word ‘knife’ sounds a bit scary, but let me explain. When the words ‘woman’ and ‘knife’ are in the same sentence, most of our minds automatically think self-defense, and while self-defense is an accurate and one of the important reasons that I believe every woman should carry a knife, it is not the only reason. I have been carrying a knife on and off for about eleven years now and daily for the last three. I have not once in those past three years used my knife in a self-defense situation, although, I would have had it as an option if needed because I have grown accustomed to carrying it. I have, however, used my knife daily for a variety of things these past three years- opening packages (Thanks, Amazon!), cutting loose strings, loosening shoe strings that were tied too tight, popping balloons, unwrapping presents, cutting a snack in half for my kiddos, opening wine bottles when I forgot the corkscrew etc. The possibilities are endless, honestly. Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but hopefully you get my point. What I’m trying to say is that a knife is a tool. You don’t have to be Rambo or freaking Keanu Reeves (although, damn! If you’re anywhere close) to carry a knife. Knives are great in so many situations, and if you already have one on you, you won’t have to waste your valued time going to either find one or depend on someone else who has one. Hello, Independence!

In addition to knives being handy, knives are also great tool when it comes to emergencies. I haven’t personally run into emergencies yet where my knife has been utilized, but with four kids 6 and under, I’m sure I’ll run across one some time where my trusty Spyderco will come to the rescue. Knives come in all shapes and sizes, making discretion an option too! I personally like to carry mine in my pocket and use a pocket clip to keep it extra handy, but you could easily store one in your purse or opt for a fixed blade. In the case of an emergency, you’ll want your knife handy to get you or someone else out of a difficult situation such as being caught in a seatbelt in a burning car or a garment needs to be cut off. You’ll be thankful you have your knife if or when these types of situations arise.

Knives are also a great choice for defense, especially for women who are not quite comfortable carrying a firearm. The truth is, no one knows when an attack is going to happen, so if a woman is armed, she can defend herself if life throws her in a rough situation. Training is very beneficial for defense as well! Self-defense is another great reason to carry knife.

(While I personally believe that every person (not just women) should know how to defend themselves if needed, I want the focus of this blog to be that knives should be viewed by women as more than just a weapon.)

When all is said and done, knives are so useful for women. We need to change the “Ahhh! Knives! Scary!” thought that many women have into an open and comfortable dialogue. Knives are so beneficial for for many reasons beyond the kitchen- yes, I said it, sue me. From day to day use, to emergency situations, to self-defense, knives are mankind’s first TOOL. Tools help make our lives easier.