Must-Have Knife Accessories and Products for Your Favorite Blades

Must-Have Knife Accessories and Products for Your Favorite Blades

Posted by American Edge on May 26th 2020

Any good knife owner knows that every knife needs attention. From a sharpening or good cleaning every so often, to a lanyard, display, or carrying case to keep knives looking and working their best.

At American Edge, we have a collection of beautiful knives available for a variety of functions–from hunting and tactical to kitchen companions–as well as all the accessories you might need.

Cleaners and Lubricant

Keeping your knives cleaned and tuned up helps to keep their moving parts working smooth. A good knife lubricant or cleaning solution will also prevent rust and corrosion without leaving build-up. One of the most popular cleaning solutions for knife care is BlueLube.

If you’re looking to keep your collection looking its best, you might be looking for a knife polish. Renaissance wax polish restores, protects, and refreshes the look of virtually any solid surface. It also dries hard, resists water, and won’t show finger marks. Used by professionals around the world, it’s one of the best polishes in the world.

Sheaths and Storage

Depending on the style and size of your knife, there are many options to store and carry them.

We have cases, storage bags, zip-up pouches, custom fit leather sheaths, knife blocks, and much more available. All of our storage solutions are made with high-quality materials and built to last. Browse our collection here.


Having a good sharpener on hand is important for the life of your knives, but also for other tools, like hatchets or scissors. An all-in-one sharpener like the Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener is a wise investment in the life of your metal tools. If you’re looking for something more mobile, you might prefer a bench stone or field sharpener. We have plenty of knife sharpening options available.

Lanyards and Clips

Decorate your favorite blade with a lanyard or clip-on thumb bar. Some of our lanyards are solid colored and simple, while others are multi-colored and include custom beads. Woven from paracord, lanyards also make a handy length of cord in an emergency.

If you are looking for a knife accessory that will “steel” the show, look no further than American Edge knives. Be sure to also check out our blog on basic knife maintenance and cleaning.