Florist Knives

Florist Knives

Posted by American Edge on Feb 4th 2020

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s the time of year that flower shops are busier than ever. Orders are coming in left and right, and they need to work quickly in order to accommodate them. One great way to do that is by using the proper knife, a florist knife, rather than relying on shears that aren’t nearly as effective.

Florist knives, sometimes called flower knives, may have a small blade, but that doesn’t make them less effective. The blade is small but mighty. Florist knives are incredibly sharp, but they’re also ergonomically safe (as long as you follow the proper technique). They are perfect for flower design, delivering clean, sharp cuts very quickly. The florist can simply grab a stem, make a quick, clean cut or shave off the thorns, and place it into the design. When using clippers, the florist must continuously pick up and set down the stem and/or shears as they work through the arrangement. This creates a lot of extra work. Using a florist knife also takes away the constant opening and closing motion that comes with using shears and can cause soreness.

Using a florist knife is also a much friendlier method for your flowers. Clippers aren’t nearly as sharp as florist knives. When clipping the ends off the flower stems, you can pinch or damage the stem. However, when you use a florist knife, you get a nice, clean cut free from breakage. This makes it easier for the plant to take water up its stem.

You may be intimidated to use a florist knife, but you can choose different options—such as hooked or straight knives—to suit your style. As long as you follow the proper technique, you won’t be able to cut yourself; your thumb will protect you. Your thumb puts pressure on one end of the knife, the knife is held at a 45-degree angle against the stem, and then you pull the knife toward your body as your other arm pulls the stem away from your body.

A florist knife can be an efficient way to design flowers, and it can also help prevent the potential for arm and wrist issues that come with using clippers.