Essential Camping Gear and Accessories for Sportsmen

Essential Camping Gear and Accessories for Sportsmen

Posted by American Edge on Jun 27th 2020

There’s nothing worse than planning a big camping or hunting trip, only to realize you forgot something vital after you arrive. There’s a reason they teach the boy scouts to be prepared–it’s essential in adventuring in the wilderness.

You might be familiar with the basic list: shelter, sleeping bag, flashlights, etc., but we’ve compiled a list of the basic supplies and specialty accessories a sportsman will need when venturing into the wilderness.

Comfort and Accessibility

Old western films glorify sleeping under the stars with a cowboy, a camp fire, a pot of beans, and a rock for a pillow. Depending on how luxurious you’d like your outing to be, you might bring an RV, connect your camp to a portable generator, or rent a cabin, but roughing it under the open sky looks much different these days. For your sleeping comfort, include the following items:

  • Sturdy, waterproof tent or shelter
  • Sleeping bag
  • Cot or air bed
  • Flashlights
  • Paracord
  • First aid kit

Campfire Accessories

Once you have a safe and comfortable place to sleep, you’ll need a campfire. Even if you bring a grill or cooking material, a campfire is a necessary camping addition­–not to mention a soothing way to relax. You will need:

Hunting, Fishing, and Hiking

For many campers, the camp site is not the destination. Sportsmen and women will take to the woods to find the best land for hunting, fishing, and hiking. These campers often need specialty equipment or survival gear:


Of course, many hunters and fishers might assume they will catch all they need on their trip, but you can’t always predict where the fish will be biting. Besides your favorite snacks and beverages, you’ll need a few tools and containers to store them and properly prepare your meals:

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