Counterfeit Knives

Counterfeit Knives

Posted by American Edge on Jan 7th 2021

Counterfeit knives are an increasing problem in our world. Fortunately, there are a few resources to help authenticate true knives.

American Knife and Tool Institute has developed a program to help fight against the counterfeit knife problem that we find ourselves dealing with more and more. Many companies are being victimized these days. We have personally seen a lot of Microtech counterfeits on the market.

We want the best for our customers and for those out there who are making trades, sales, or purchasing from someone on the internet. While it’s mostly factory knife companies that are largely counterfeited, some custom knives are prone as well. Before purchasing a knife, be sure to do your research. A counterfeit knife is copied EXACTLY (features, blade stamp, packaging). Counterfeit knives used to be easy to spot due to the poor craftsmanship and quality, but unfortunately, we are seeing an increase in very well copied counterfeits out there. To protect yourself from purchasing a fraudulent knife, be sure that the source that you are purchasing from is an authorized dealer. By checking most brands specific websites, you can find a list of authorized dealers. If you are buying directly from a person in a forum or something of that manner, make sure you check for vouches (although, even then, the knife in question could be counterfeit).

To reiterate, research is key when it comes to the war on counterfeit knives. We recommend checking out AKTI’s website as well as familiarizing yourself with product and the brand that you are wanting to purchase.