Camillus Tang Stamps

Camillus Tang Stamps

Posted by Jordan Saldana on Apr 23rd 2021

This guide was not complied by me. This is from All About Pocket Knives

Camillus pre-20s three line arch tang stamp

Tang Shown: 3 Line Arch Stamp

Time Estimate: Early 1900's; roughly 1902-1915

Camillus pre-20s dated tang stamp

Tang Shown: 4 Line Stamp (Also Shown Lower on This Page) 

  • First 3 Lines are identical; 4th is a bonus because is sports the manufacture year + the U.S,A
  • Used on Camillus knives for a very brief period

Camillus three line tang stamp

Tang Shown: 3 Line Straight Stamp

Time Estimate: Roughly 1916-Early 1930's

Camillus four line tang stamp

Tang Shown: 4 Line Stamp

Time Estimate: Early 1930's to mid 1940's

Camillus four line tang stamp

Tang Shown: Note Details. Similar to Others.

  • Non-Italic Font
  • Length of line between "CAMILLUS" and "NEW YORK" is shorter than others
  • Line is also shorter than on others such as on the tang that is pictured next

Time Estimate: 1946-1950

Camillus All Capital Full Underline Tang Stamp

Tang Shown: Note Details. Again, similarities to others. 

  • Non-Italic
  • underline Extends the Full length of the letter in the word "CAMILLUS"

Time Estimate:1960-Late 1970's

Camillus Full Underline Italic Tang Stamp

Tang Shown: Note Details. Similar to Others.

  • Underline extends the full length of the letters in the word "CAMILLUS"
  • Periods between the U.S.A

Time Estimate: Later 1970's into the 1980's

Camillus' Last Pre-Bankruptcy Years Tang Stamp

Tang Shown: Most Recent 

Time Estimate: 1989- until Bankruptcy in 2007 (emerged from bankruptcy in 2009)