Art of Custom Knives

Art of Custom Knives

Posted by American Edge on Jan 23rd 2020

Much like you would collect artwork from a favorite artist or pieces from an antique collection, many individuals also collect knives. There are knife collectors that may want to add a specific piece to their collection, or those who have the need for a specific custom knife.


When you decide to pay for a custom knife, you are paying for refinement. While there may be an incentive to lower costs in a standard-production knife, that same incentive doesn’t exist when a custom knife is being handmade. You can count on the highest quality materials and the highest level of craftsmanship with a custom knife. You’ll notice sharper edges and crisp grinds. The handles will be perfectly contoured. Blades will be designed to custom specifications. On the other hand, standard, mass-produced knifes are crafted with materials related to the exact use of the knife.

Functional Art

A custom-made knife is a work of art. Each knife is crafted differently—usually by one single knifemaker. And it isn’t just any piece of art—a custom-made knife is functional art. You’ll get a knife different than what everyone else has; it will both look and feel distinctive.

Custom Materials

Each piece of the knife is one of a kind, from the material of the handle to its shape. Choose from wood, horn, or other natural materials. The feel of the knife handle is also important. You want a custom knife to feel like it was made for your hand. You’ll be able to tell the difference between a custom-made knife and a standard production knife when you grip several different knives of the same variety.

A custom-made knife is a great addition to any knife collection and can be a cherished heirloom for years to come. For more information about the art of custom knives, contact American Edge at 320-393-2792.