Benchmade Tactical Pen Stainless Steel Black Ink 1100-4

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Benchmade Tactical Pen Stainless Steel Black Ink 1100-4

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Benchmade Tactical Pen Stainless Steel Black Ink 1100-4
Proudly made in the USA

The Benchmade 1100 is a tactical writing instrument with a precision-machined body made of heavy duty stainless steel, with a sure grip provided by the ergonomic knurling pattern. This model has black ink, the Benchmade 1100 Tactical Pen uses Fisher Space Pen ink cartridges for a reliable, smooth flow of ink. The ink pen includes a pocket clip on the cap. These are also perfect self defense tools. Brand new in box.

Benchmade Info: • Machined heavy duty stainless steel body, cap and pen grip • Ergonomic pattern provides superior grip and comfortable texturing • Ink cartridges manufactured for Benchmade by Fisher Pen Company • Coated pen clip (removable). • Cap snaps securely open and closed with internal O-ring fitting

Pen Material: Stainless Steel

Ink Color: Black Ink
Pen Thickness: 1/2
Open without Cap: 5-1/8
Closed with Cap: 5-3/8
Weight: 3.2 oz