Jack Busfield 1

     My interest in knives began at a young age when my grandmother would buy me knives as souvenirs on our trips.  It wasn't long before I had a cigar box full of knives.  Over the years, I added many knives to my collection, but I didn't make my first real knife until 1964 when I made a bowie knife from a car spring while stationed at Beale AFB in California.   In 1966 I moved my family to Mesa, Arizona.   Although I never lost my interest in knives, I didn't really get back into knifemaking until 1979.  After reading an article about custom knives I purchased some equipment and was soon making fixed blade knives for fellow employees.  My main interest was in folding knives so I taught myself the intricacies of making folders.

     Soon I attended knife shows in California, Phoenix and Las Vegas winning many awards for my workmanship and designs.  In 1982 I joined the Knifemakers Guild and later was presented the Guild's prestigious Red Watson Award.  In 1984  I went into making knives full time and moved from Arizona to North Carolina in 1986.  A year later I was awarded the Beretta Award for Outstanding Achievement in Handcrafted Cutlery.  Later I designed a black pearl inlaid frame trailing point folder that Beretta marketed as one of their Custom Knifemaker Series.   I also designed Beretta's Busfield Series of six folding knives and popular Electra model.

    All of my designs are uniquely my own and numerous knifemakers have thought highly enough of them to have adopted many of my design concepts.  I do all of my own work and design including heat treating, profiling, lapidary work, and photography.  The only exception to this is engraving.

   All of my folders have integral side plates made from heat-treated 416 stainless steel for strength and rigidity.  As of mid 1999, I cryogenically treat all of my blades at 300 degrees below zero to give them better edge holding capability. As one of the pioneers of using mineralized materials for inlays, I have developed polishing techniques for achieving the finest finishes on materials such as jade, agate, charoite, etc.

   I guarantee my knives to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as I am able to make knives.    


~Jack Busfield

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