Customer Service American Edge Corporation

Shipping Information:

We ship using USPS, SpeeDee Delivery and UPS. We send the majority of our packages via USPS Priority Mail Insured. If you choose the free shipping option at checkout (which is available on all orders between $100 to $300) your package will be sent using the most cost effective service and we cannot be held responsible for damages or loss after the shipping provider receives the package. We advise all of our customers who purchase expensive knives to purchase shipping, however the choice is yours. Please request signature confirmation in the comments at checkout if you feel this service is necessary for your location. Thanks!


How to browse our website:

We offer our customers multiple ways to browse our selection of knives. You can search by Manufacturer (Brand). You can search for any keyword in the search bar. You can browse our categories which are divided into styles or types of knives such as Automatic, Tactical, Folding Pocket, Custom, etc. Or you can always give us a call at 877-393-2792 and we would be happy to recommend products based on your needs. Once the website is completely loaded with all of our products we will be adding another way to browse showing our newest inventory which will be updated weekly. Stay tuned and keep checking back to see how are progress is coming. Thanks for you business!


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is American Edge Knives?

American Edge Knives is a family owned and operated internet cutlery business. The name American Edge Knives represents the company’s love for American engineering. We specialize in antique and discontinued knives, however, we offer a wide selection of knives that are in current production. Our goal is to provide our customers with the specific piece that they are looking for; whether it be a folding, fixed, custom, assisted, tactical, or any other sort of knife they are looking for. American Edge Knives strives to assure that our customers are provided with excellent customer service and the peace of mind in knowing that our knives are in stock. 


What kind of knives do you sell?

American Edge Knives offers a wide selection of knives. Although we specializes in antique and discontinued knives, we also offer the latest knives in production. American Edge Knives keeps knives in stock at our warehouse in Rice, MN. In our stock, you will find an assortment of knives from all categories. We currently have knives from over 400 manufacturers.


Why should I buy from American Edge Knives as opposed to another company?

Unlike many other companies, American Edge Knives keeps knives in stock as opposed to drop shipping an order from another location. The company has been in business for over twenty years and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. As a family owned and operated company, American Edge Knives is able to make customers feel warm and welcomed. Since a large portion of our inventory comes from collectors, we believe that we are able to provide our customers with products that no other company can. Our product selection is vast and our love for knives is as well! Buying from American Edge Knives ensures a highly satisfied purchase as well as an unbelievable customer/company relationship. 


Who runs

Before there was, we were It wasn’t until 2014 that we received the domain name The online site was originally run by the owner, Jay, and his website designer Jon. With the technology era constantly changing, and Jay’s son, Jordan, getting older, it was time for something new. Since the company has always been called American Edge Knives, we purchased the domain name and revamped the site with the help of Jordan and Blue Link Design. At the end of the day, the site is family run!


Does American Edge Knives sell anything besides knives?

American Edge Knives not only sells knives, but we also sell knife accessories, self defense supplies, survival items,  and a small selection of other products. Our main focus, however, is knives. 


What is the quality of the knives that American Edge Knives sells?

The quality of the knives that American Edge Knives sells is dependent on the particular knife. We strive to stock the best quality products and price point is not always an indicator of quality. Prices of knives are often based on the materials used in making them. Now we believe that just because a knife is inexpensive does not mean that it is junk. With that being said however, the old saying says "You get what you pay for" meaning that the more expensive the knife, the better the materials that were used. If you have any questions about the quality of a particular product we would be happy to answer them, just send us an email at

Are you an internet only business or do you have a store front?

Jay started this business doing local trade shows and selling knives by appointment out of his home. Now after nearly 22 years, we have moved from the basement of Jay's home into our new warehouse and showroom. We are located right off of Hwy 10 in Rice, MN near the Oak Hill Golf Course. Our showroom will feature displays from all of our top manufaturers and also a large screen to view our website. All our products are in stock right here at the warehouse so anything you want to look at we will have. Stayed tuned for news about our Grand Opening to come Spring/Summer of 2014. 

Does your company ship products internationally?

We do ship non-prohibted items worldwide. You must know your local laws before placing an order with us and we cannot be held responsible for confiscation do to the item you ordered being prohibited. There are many places in the world where packages cannot be insured and therefore we cannot be responsible for a package after it is left with the shipping provider. If a package is lost after it has left our warehouse, the only way we would be able to refund your money is if the package gets returned to us. Shipping costs will vary by location and your order total will be updated accordingly. We appreciate all of our customers and we have been successfully shipping products all over the world since we began the website in 2002. Please note all international orders will be heavily scrutinized and you will be asked to provide proper identification and verification. If we do not feel comfortable with the information provided we will either cancel your order or ask you to pay via a more secure method. Thanks we appreciate all of our customers and we hope you will contact with any questions or concerns at